Interesting facts about iguana

green iguana

You will not find anything more interesting than iguana as a pet but you have to remember one thing: they need ‘great’ attention and knowing them well will help you to care them the right way. A few facts about iguana you need to know:

1.Iguana is 100% herbivorous reptile.

You do not have to go to a pet store and buy worms, insects or other animal meats because the iguanas are herbivorous and they only eat vegetables. You could simply take from your garden or yard.

2.Iguana is friendly (for adult iguana)

Compared to snakes and lizards, iguanas are friendly to their masters, they are also comfortable sleeping next to their owners. Iguana is quite friendly to anyone who holds it and even allows his master to put some clothes on it. But, beware, they are animals after all and they have mating periods or sometimes they simply feel like defending their own territory.

3. Long-lifespan.

As a human being, we care and are bound to love our pets for a long time. This is because, we invest our time, energy and money to keep it by providing the best facilities for it. The good news is that iguanas can live up to 20 years, unlike other animals such as mice and hamster.

4. Iguana does not cause allergies

Unlike other pets with feathers or furs, iguanas do not have fur, so it is safe for people with asthma to care for their animals. However, you shall be careful in keeping your iguana’s hygiene at a good level to avoid contracting possible typhi disease (Typhoid fever).

5. Iguana can be an educational pet for children

Well, this goes for practically every pet so iguanas are not exception. In addition to keeping iguana as a personal pet, it can also be kept as an educational animal for children to show them about this herbivorous, totally harmless mini-dinosaurs.