Thinking Of Getting An Iguana? Here’s What You Need To Know

Have you ever thought, “how cool would it be if I could get an iguana for a pet?”. Well, you’re not alone. Ever since CGI-rendered dinosaurs entered the silver screen (ahem, Jurassic Park) boys 12 and under have been sharing a total fascination and passion for all things reptile. The good-looking exotic iguana, is of course, the go-to choice among many. After all, it may not be as big as a Stegosaurus, but an iguana is still a million times better than a bunny rabbit or a pet turtle.

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Green Iguana Facts

Iguana is an impressive reptile to keep as a pet. They are very exotic and unique but there are few things you shall keep in mind if you are newbies. So, here’s general info about iguana for newcomers.

If you’re just about to buy your first ig, check out also our Guide To Buying A Pet Iguana but don’t forget to read things to consider BEFORE you buy an iguana otherwise you might regret it.


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