How To Keep Your Iguana Happy

Keep Your Iguana Happy

We must know that Iguanas aren’t like other pets – to keep your iguana happy, they need special care. When it is brought in to a new home, it will feel hostile being in an unfamiliar place.

A stressed iguana will succumb to illness and might injure itself further – trying to escape. So it’s very important to provide a comfortable atmosphere to keep your iguana happy:

    • If you keep them in a terrarium, make sure it’s comfortable and appropriate. Try adding elements that will make the surroundings look more natural and make hiding spots. For example,  climbable lounger, branch, or even – background wallpaper.

  • Do not scare iguanas with loud music or sound.
  • The iguana needs more attention so it does not get bored. Play with them.
  • Pay attention: you need to feed them regularly and provide fresh water every day

Iguana nutrients need to be more complex compared to other reptiles (just a few vegetarian reptiles!).

Many iguanas suffer from dietary deficiencies – we must understand that wild iguana can consume over 500 species of greens and flowers every day. So we have to offer 5 types of vegetables. Vary the types of vegetables you feed your iguana on an interval.

First, know what kind of fruit and vegetables it eats, and if it is not appropriate and does not eat properly, avoid at all cost. The iguana needs a variety of fruits and vegetables every day as well as flowers.

If you hear iguana can eat, like, cat and dog food, please AVOID THAT!

If you do not want to deteriorate your iguana’s health in the next few years, don’t feed them anything else than fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Also, keeping optimal atmosphere in the enclosure is vital. Reptile heat lamps and humidifiers are there to help.

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