Green Iguana Growth Chart : Size and Length

Interactive Iguana Growth Chart

A green iguana can grow up to 2 meters (6.5ft) and it is one of the largest iguana species out there. Here we provide a complete green iguana growth chart.
You can also try our interactive iguana size tool to quickly get basic iguana measures per age.

This is a guide to measure Size and Weight of Green Iguana.

In short: iguanas grow.  A lot. The sweet little hatching that you may see in the pet shop will grow up to 36in (more than 90cm) after reaching age 2, and it doesn’t stop there. This means that your pet needs appropriate enclosure which many people do not take into account.

Here are two terms often used when talking about reptiles’ size:

*SVL-Snout to vent length
*STL-Snout to tail length (Snout to vent length+ tail)

When hatching
SVL (Body length): 6.5- 9cm (2.5-3.5in)
STL (Body length + tail): 15- 23cm (6-9in)
It weighs up to 90grams (0.2lbs)

Year 1
SVL (Body length): 20- 23cm (8-9in)
STL (Body length + tail): 51cm-69cm (20-27in)
It weighs 0.45kg – 0.68kg (1-1.5lbs)

Year 2
SVL (Body length): 28cm – 30.5cm (11-12in)
STL (Body length + tail): 71cm – 91.5cm (28-36in)
It weighs 0.91kg – 1.81kg (2-4lbs)

Year 3
SVL (Body length): 30.5-35.5cm (12-14in)
STL (Body length + tail): 76-107cm (30-42in)
It weighs 1.81kg – 2.72kg (4-6lbs)

Year 4
SVL (Length): 35.5-41cm (14-16in)
STL (Body length + tail): 89-122cm (35-48in)
It weighs 2.27kg – 3.63kg (5-8lbs)

Year 5
SVL (Body length): 45.72cm – 50.8cm (18-20in)
STL (Length + tail): 114.3cm – 152.4cm (45-60in)
It weighs 4.54kg – 6.80kg (10-15lbs)

Year 6
SVL (Body length): 50.8cm – 55.88cm (20-22in)
STL (Body length + tail): 127cm – 167.64 (50-66in)
It weighs 6.35kg – 8.16kg (14-18lbs)

Year 7 and up
SVL (Body length): 50.8cm – 60.96cm (20-24in)
STL (Body length + tail): 127cm – 182.88cm (50-72in)
It weighs 6.80kg – 9.07kg (15lbs-20lbs)

These numbers apply to normally fed male iguana (read our article about green iguana diet). Females are smaller for around 20% (both in terms of length and weight).

If you’re more ‘visual’ type, here’s an interactive chart below where you use slider to enter iguana’s age and you will see STL and weight (both in imperial and metric units). You can also see minimal enclosure dimensions for each stage of your iguana’s growth. Surely, it’s recommended to plan ahead and acquire cage big enough to sustain your ig for several seasons, and not to ‘update’ it every year.

If, for any reasons, your device doesn’t display this tool properly, you can see this interactive iguana chart here